Ex-councillor on attack for 'provocative' messages

REACHING boiling point after months of "abuse", ex-councillor and former mayor candidate Charlene Hall, 46, lashed out and assaulted a woman who she believed was sending inappropriate messages to her husband.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Jodie Tahana has told Dalby Magistrates Court, Hall and the victim were at a football match at Oakey Football Ground on June 1.

Seeing the victim standing behind her husband, Hall approached her and said "you have some nerve being here, sl*t" before grabbing her by the arm.

In an attempt to escape Hall's grasp, the victim reportedly fell back onto the grandstands behind her, bumping her head on a seat.

An ambulance was called where they found a bump had developed on the back of the victim's head as a result of the force with which she hit her head.

Charlene Hall is running for Mayor of the Western Downs Regional Council.
Charlene Hall. WDRC

Witnesses overheard Hall call the victim a "sl*t" and a "whore" before the assault happened, and claimed Hall pushed the victim onto the seats.

Hall declined to participate in a police interview after the incident.

Hall told the court on Tuesday she took full responsibility for her actions.

She said her behaviour was the result of the way the victim "provoked and tormented" her family, specifically her husband Scott Hall, 47, who coaches the under-18 Dalby Diehards.

"I couldn't help myself," Hall said.

"It was like a game I couldn't escape."

Hall said the victim was messaging and calling her husband at all hours of the night, but said she felt as though going to the police and reporting the victim's behaviour would be an "over-reaction".

Hall also admitted the assault had been committed in front of her four and 17-year-old children who were present at the football grounds.

Snr Const Tahana said the victim disputed the fact that she was asked to stop the communication by Hall and her husband, and disputed the fact the contact between Mr Hall and herself was not wanted.

Magistrate Tracey Mossop told the former councillor she was "lucky" to be standing before her in court.

"How quickly a situation can turn where people may have seen you as the victim... and now you have created a victim," she said.

"You can be grateful to be here... instead of remanded in custody for actions that could have caused the victim to die."

Hall pleaded guilty to one count of assault occasioning bodily harm.

She was sentenced to a 12 month good behaviour bond.

No conviction was recorded.

Hall served as a councillor for the Western Downs Regional Council for eight years between 2008 and 2016.

Her campaign to become mayor in the 2016 local government elections was ultimately unsuccessful when she lost to current mayor, Paul McVeigh. She subsequently forfeited her position as councillor and has been doing "volunteer work" since.