WE ARE HERE: Pastor Ross Davie, Bayside Transformations director Tina Davie and Hervey Bay MP Ted Sorensen.
WE ARE HERE: Pastor Ross Davie, Bayside Transformations director Tina Davie and Hervey Bay MP Ted Sorensen. Inge Hansen

EXCLUSIVE: Pledge to bring rehab centre to Wide Bay

HIS party will pledge $52 million to combating regional Queensland's ice epidemic on Friday and Hervey Bay MP Ted Sorensen has a plan for a good portion of it.

Should the LNP win government on November 25, it will move to establish a dedicated residential rehabilitation centre in the Wide Bay.

For Mr Sorensen, the solution is simple - direct the funding to the already successful Bayside Transformations and help grow what they have started.

Ideally, the funds pledged to a treatment centre would go towards helping Transformations secure the land they are are currently leasing or help purchase another suitable space.

Funds would also help establish a detox centre where addicts could receive immediate treatment before going to either transformations or another centre in Queensland.

"Transformations have proven they have the right people to run these centres" Mr Sorensen said.

"Why reinvent the wheel? They have had great success and I would hope there would be a chance for them to put in an application for this funding."

"When you hear testimonials from these people at local events you get an understanding of the real meaning of transformed."

Bayside Transformations director Tina Davie said a detox centre would cost at least "a couple of million" dollars but would make a huge difference to the local community. "We can, out of that process of the detox centre, actually source those people out to whatever rehab centres and back into programs which are most suitable for them," she said.

"We have this opportunity to purchase this land or something else that's more suitable or suitable to continue what we've been doing for seven years," she said.

"The plan would be whenever they come to the detox centre, they can go to whatever recovery place they want." With the nearest detox centre in Brisbane, Pastor Ross Davie said there was a risk clients would not return. "In that week they could get side tracked and get a call from a friend and get back into what they were doing," he said.

Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls said the dedicated treatment facility was part of a multi-faceted action plan to take ice off our streets.

"This drug doesn't discriminate and has devastating impacts on users, their families and friends, and the community," he said.