Robin Slipper faces 18 disciplinary charges in Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.
Robin Slipper faces 18 disciplinary charges in Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Lawyer Robin Slipper, brother of Peter, up on 18 charges

FORMER Gold Coast lawyer Robin Slipper moved more than a million dollars from a dead client's estate into his personal bank account, it is alleged.

The brother of former federal parliament Speaker Peter Slipper is facing 18 disciplinary charges in Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Three relate to his actions while sole executor and trustee of the estate of Peter Saunderson, of the Gold Coast, who died in Peru in 2013.

Mr Slipper, who is no longer practising, is alleged to have appropriated Mr Saunderson's estate funds, by moving $1,040,000 into his own account in 2014.

It is also claimed he failed to act with "competence and diligence'' by drawing up a will with faults, and in his handling of the estate, by deciding to benefit himself.

Mr Saunderson's sisters have now filed court action against Mr Slipper, after the Official Solicitor of the Public Trustee informed them of problems with their brother's 2011 will.

They have asked the Supreme Court to remove Mr Slipper as executor and trustee of Mr Saunderson's will and revoke a grant of probate made to Mr Slipper in 2013.

The sisters have been advised that as a result of a failed clause in the will, their brother died intestate, and they are entitled to inherit from his estate.

The clause said Mr Slipper could distribute the residuary estate, at his sole discretion, "to whomever, including the support of young footballers through schooling, equipment, tours and the like''.

But the Legal Services Commissioner says that clause did not identify any beneficiary or charitable purpose and no trust was established by it.

In 2014, more than $1.85 million from the estate's assets were paid into Slipper Lawyers' trust account.

Mr Slipper then had $1.2 million from that account and later $85,000 from an estate property sale paid into an estate bank account he controlled, according to tribunal documents.

On July 16, 2014, Mr Slipper allegedly withdrew $1,040,000 from the estate bank account and paid it into his personal bank account, when he was not entitled to do so.

He repaid the money to the law practice's trust account 11 days later.

In other disciplinary charges it is alleged he billed retired Tallai farmer Paul Tully $380 to go to his home in 2012 to look for a wallet and teeth and $342 for home "cleaning supervision''.

Mr Slipper is defending the disciplinary charges and is yet to respond to the court application.