CHILDREN today are smothered in technology, whether parents like it or not.

But just how much is too much, and where should parents draw the line? We've called on the expertise of author and educator Michael Grose from Parenting Ideas to break down just how much screen time our children should be getting.  

Here are Mr Grose's guidelines for digital and internet usage through the ages:

0-3years: "Avoid digital technology. Human interaction is paramount during this stage of high curiosity and high learning. It's also a high habit-forming age."


Get the balance right with kids and technology.


3-6years: "Maximum of one hour supervised digital use each day. This is an age to build on basic language skills. Stick to digital technology for educational purposes."

6-9years: "Maximum 10 hours a week, incorporating mainly educational use and some games. During this stage children benefit from a broad range of physical, social and intellectual experiences. Avoid digital games to take up all of a child's free time."

9-12years: "Children are more able to integrate digital media into their daily lives. Adults play a part in monitoring how they use digital media and encouraging kids to be discerning and critical online users. Online safety, suitability of content and maintaining a balance between the real world and the offline world are critical issues for parents at this stage."