The Wesley Hospital.
The Wesley Hospital. Australian Traffic Network

Experts at hospital to help flush out legionella bacteria

WATER experts from Victoria have been flown in to Brisbane to help a private hospital flush out legionella bacteria.

The bacteria, found in the Wesley Hospital's water pipes, has left two patients with legionnaire's disease, including one man who died.

Victorian-based engineers arrived at the hospital on Monday to help authorities inject cleaning solution into the water supply.

Uniting Care Health executive director Richard Royle said the cleaning solution would disinfect the pipes as an additional measure to eradicate any legionella.

"The cleaning solution will dissolve bio-film, which is a build-up of plaque-like material inside the pipes," he said.

Mr Royle said results of water tests carried out on Monday would take seven days.

"The Victorian engineers are among the most experienced in Australia in dealing with legionella so this level of expertise will help us to return to normal services as soon as possible."

Until then, patients will continue using wash kits to bath after showers were discontinued last week.

There are currently 220 patients in the hospital, which normally has a daily occupancy of around 500.