Lance Payne said he saw these two men undress, urinate, and defecate into the water at Slade Point.
Lance Payne said he saw these two men undress, urinate, and defecate into the water at Slade Point. CONTRIBUTED

Exposed: beach goers shock at pair's lewd act

SOME Slade Point residents had a shocking sight on Saturday afternoon after two men reportedly stripped naked, urinated, defecated and masturbated in the sea.

While relaxing on Lamberts beach, below the lookout, Lance Payne witnessed two men leave their car and proceeded to strip naked while running around the popular beach.

Mr Payne said he was shocked when he saw one of the men clearly urinating into the surf.

However, his shock was quickly replaced by "mortification" when another man joined his friend in the surf and appeared to defecate in the ocean.

"He walked out to the water bent down, pulled his pants down, bent his knees and maintained a position," Mr Payne said.

"It gets worse than that."

Mr Payne suspects one of the men then proceeded to masturbate.

He said the men continued to undress and stumble around the water.

Watching them stumbling around, naked in the ocean, he said he had to suspect the two men were intoxicated.

"They could have been on anything," he claimed.

"What ever it is, it's not normal cognitive behaviour to walk down to the beach and act in those sort of behaviours, urinating and possibly defecating and possibly masturbating on the bloody beach below the public lookout."

Mr Payne was not the only witness to this bizarre display.

A woman and her baby, who were clearly trying to enjoy a quiet Saturday afternoon, witnessed the entire incident.

Mr Payne said there were also many children at the other end of the beach who may have been exposed to the incident.

He called the naked culprits "human grot".

Mr Payne told police about the incident, which if substantiated would result in potential charges of public defecation, public urination, indecent exposure for the two men.

Mackay Police have confirmed that an internal report has been made about the two men.

However, due to delays in the incident's reporting and insufficient evidence about the identity of the alleged naked culprits, it is unlikely that anyone will be charged.


The police officer advised residents to report incidents immediately and call Police Link on 131 444.