Extra jail time for Rockhampton man after prison roof stunt

THREE prisoners scaled a razor wire-lined roof of a Cairns correctional facility and demanded cigarettes before staff had to help them down.

It was a "collective decision" which landed a Rockhampton man in court yesterday and with nine months tacked onto his original sentence.

Luke James Dore pleaded guilty to one count each of assaulting or obstructing correctional staff and performing an unregulated high risk activity following the stunt last November.

In a double-whammy for the 22-year-old, his original sentence was due to finish todaybut the fresh offending will see him head back behind bars until he convinces parole officers he should be released.

The court heard Dore was originally serving time for property and stealing offences in 2014.

Police prosecutor Clancy Fox told the court other prisoners alerted security to three men who were climbing over the peak of a building roof at 2pm on November 23.

He said the prisoners ignored directions to get down off the roof and demanded cigarettes.

"At 1.25am they directed they wanted to come down," he said.

Magistrate Michael O'Driscoll acknowledged the stunt was a "foolish decision".

"The issue here is good order and behaviour and you have certainly put yourself at peril," he said.

"No one was hurt and thank goodness for that."

Dore was sentenced to two terms of imprisonment for six and three months, served concurrently with immediate parole eligibility.