Facebook concession a sad end to a good campaign

THE civility of the Fraser Coast's mayoral by-election was a refreshing change to disgusting, toxic campaigns to which ratepayers were subjected in 2016. Baseless accusations, character assassinations and blatant abuse on the street - it was not a nice environment.

This by-election, which George Seymour has claimed in a landslide with almost 40% of the primary vote, has been absolutely fantastic for this fence-sitting observer.

All seven candidates can hold their heads high, and I'm sure every single one cant take away positive signs they can apply at the next election - whether it is for Cr Seymour's now former division, or the next mayor.

There was one negative for me, and that was Tony Pantlin's back-handed congratulatory Facebook post in which he credited the Labor Party for Cr Seymour's success.



Mr Pantlin wrote: ".... Labor demonstrated how a well organised and resourced political campaign utilising people from as far away as Brisbane who have never even meet George can be delivered."

The comment is petty, unnecessary, and takes away from a man I genuinely believe could have a great chance at any divisional, local, state or Federal election in future.

We can only hope the next campaign is as positive.