FACEBOOK: Readers respond as truckie calls for tougher laws

FRASER Coast readers have agreed wholeheartedly with a truckie who has called for tougher laws on who can tow a caravan.

JOHN Creenaune, a transport manager from Deniliquin, NSW, has called on the federal government to make all caravan users complete a driving course before hitting the highways.

The plea from the former SES volunteer comes after the lucky escape of a truck driver and the occupants of a car towing a caravan earlier this week

"Absolutely," Kelly Scougall wrote.

"There needs to a separate licence for towing caravans."

Robert Reakes agreed.

"I think so, most large four-wheel drives towing a caravan exceed the 4.05t limit of a car licence.

"I think people towing large vans should have to pass a test showing they know how to load correctly, tow and reverse correctly and some towing safety and have some kind of indicator on their licence.

FULL STORY: Truckie calls for tougher laws on who can tow a caravan

 "Truck drivers have to hold a different class of licence, so should grey nomads."

Narelle Buller had a tough stance.

"Anyone who tows anything should have to pass a test, including reversing and parking."

Luke Mancell disagreed.

"More rules and tests...yeah, that'll solve the problem of people not taking responsibility for themselves," he wrote.

Karen Shute said anyone towing anything over a box trailer should have to do some kind of course.

"Honestly I've seen some pretty scary things, not just from caravans but horse floats and car trailers."

Robert Newman said it came back to driver education when drivers intended to tow a van or trailer.

"It's common sense and road rules," he said.

Ashlee Murray agreed with the truckie.

"You need a different licence to drive a truck that tows large trailers, why not cars that tow large objects such as caravans, trailers etc," she wrote.

"My parents own a van and my mum won't drive if the van's hooked up as she doesn't feel comfortable to do so."