Chronicle Facebook page swamped with posts about bills

A POST on the Fraser Coast Chronicle's Facebook page asking readers what their biggest financial burden was has attracted more than 150 comments as people shared their own experience of the battle of the bills.

Electricity prices, rates, fuel, the cost of fresh food, school fees and rent were among the issues discussed in the post, with some suggesting rent was becoming unaffordable while others said the cost of rates was making it tougher on some who owned their own home.

While many took the opportunity to vent their spleen, many others shared advice on how to get through the festive season without breaking the bank, with Carissa Lee Hansen writing that she would be crafting her own presents for loved ones to give at Christmas this year.

Another reader said their electricity bill had skyrocketed to $1700 a quarter and other readers encouraged her to check into it, posting their own average amounts per quarter.

Others encouraged fellow readers to invest in solar power in order to bring their electricity bills in check.

Sam Ferrari said the Fraser Coast itself was overpriced, adding that they were moving away from the region "in order to gain a better life".

Day care and car registration were two other expenses readers were struggling with. Other readers encouraged people to be grateful for what they did have.

"If you have a roof over your head, a mattress on your bed and food in your belly, you are wealthier than 90% of people on this planet," Biggus Mickus wrote.

To see all of the comments, visit and scroll down to the post made on Monday, December 1.