Families cop life sentence after crash

IN ABOUT three months' time, Pui Shan Rachel Wong will walk free from jail, and be deported back to her home in Hong Kong.

But she will never be free from the disastrous consequences of her actions and tragically nor will the friends and families of the two Hervey Bay men who died.

Their sentence is a life-long one.

Wong crossed double white lines while overtaking trucks on the Bruce Hwy - just to get where she was going a little bit faster.

If she could undo her actions, there's no doubt she would.

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But an apology will never be enough to bring those men back, or to turn back the clock on a deadly mistake. Nor will any amount of time in prison.

People make poor decisions on the road every day, whether it's speeding, overtaking, using a handheld phone, or God forbid, drink-driving.

Despite seeing stories like this, where one bad move destroys numerous lives, more than 70% of drivers still admit they use their phones while behind the wheel.

Penalties have just been increased for drivers caught texting in a bid to lower that rate - but chances are, some people won't stop until they finally lose their licences altogether.

Nothing good can ever come of tragedies like these, but I hope today's devastating front page story is enough to wake up even one dodgy driver to the consequences of their bad behaviour.