Michael McCabe
Michael McCabe

Family emotional as jury delivers verdict in murder trial

A jury has decided the fate of Jason Douglas Taylor, who is accused of murdering former Charters Towers mine worker Michael McCabe.

Applause rang out from the gallery as the jury handed down a guilty verdict as Mr McCabe's family could not contain their emotions.

The decision came almost four years after Mr McCabe was killed, on or about August 15, 2015.

Taylor, in the company with others was involved a brutal attack on Mr McCabe which lasted several hours.

Throughout the two week trial the jury heard two other men commenced the assault upon Mr McCabe at a Burnda St apartment in Kirwan about 9pm on a drug fuelled evening.

Mr McCabe had been flirting with one of the men's former partner's earlier in the evening during a car ride from Charters Towers to Townsville.

He was punched, kicked and stomped before the three men bound him with cable ties, and hauled him into the boot of a Blue Holden Commodore.

Taylor and another man then drove Mr McCabe to a section of Mount Spec Rd near Crystal Creek north of Townsville.

Mr McCabe was kicked down an embankment and the men left.

After packing clothes and visiting a service station to by cleaning products Taylor and the other man returned to the site where Mr McCabe had been dumped.

Mr McCabe was still alive and called out to the men.

Rocks were then thrown on Mr McCabe causing severe facial fractures.

The jury heard evidence that such injuries would have caused death within two hours.

Mr McCabe's remains were not found until September 17, 2015, after Taylor told police "I know where the body is".

Justice David North is expected to hand down Taylor's sentence later this afternoon.