A business slump triggered a good man's bad decision, the barrister told the court.
A business slump triggered a good man's bad decision, the barrister told the court. STEVEPB

Family man and fundraiser fell for lure of drug trade

A HARDWORKING family man and cancer fundraiser fell into the drug trade, in a story said to highlight a sinister growing trend.

Leigh Carfantan of Ipswich took full responsibility after being caught with ice, or methylamphetamine, and thousands of dollars of cash stashed in his kitchen.

Carfantan, 32, refused to name the person or people he held the drugs for.

Defence counsel Craig Eberhardt told Brisbane Supreme Court this was typical for family men who were nowadays being lured into the trade.

On Monday, the court heard that as law enforcement anti-drug strategies grew more sophisticated, narcotics traffickers had started to "outsource their risk".

They did so by choosing people they knew would not inform on them, or abscond with drugs or cash, Mr Eberhardt said.

Drug traffickers believed people with spouses and kids were ideal candidates, he told the court.

In 2016, police intercepted a car the Ipswich dad was in and found ice with a total pure weight of about 572.884g.

Prosecutor CE Thompson said a child was in the car at the time.

Later, Carfantan's home was searched and cops found vials, steroids and about $25,190 hidden in the kitchen.

The court heard Carfantan, a butcher and food catering businessman, did not pretend to have a drug addiction.

Mr Eberhardt said a business downturn was a factor in Carfantan succumbing to the temptations of the illicit trade.

"Sometimes, good people do stupid and bad things," Mr Eberhardt added.

The court heard Carfantan expected he would get $12,000 for his part in the drug enterprise.

Instead, he got a jail sentence.

Justice Soraya Ryan said Carfantan had a good work history and many supporters provided references.

They described him as a "very good family man" and also "hardworking, reliable, and generous".

The court heard Carfantan had also raised money for a cancer fundraiser.

Carfantan was jailed for seven years but is eligible for parole on August 7, 2020.

Prosecutors asked for and received a forfeiture order for the cash. -NewsRegional