Smashing your glass drug pipe is not a smart way to conceal the illegal item, a judge told Plath. (FILE)
Smashing your glass drug pipe is not a smart way to conceal the illegal item, a judge told Plath. (FILE) John Weekes

Family saves man with 'bad' crime history from more jail

FAMILY who travelled from far away helped persuade a judge to give another chance to a man with a long criminal history..

Bundaberg's Daniel William Plath had already spent 224 days in custody by the time he appeared in court on Tuesday.

Chief Justice Catherine Holmes said the Bundaberg man faced an "array of offences” which included drug possession, obstructing police, and a weapons charge.

Prosecutors said Plath, 41, was charged for having drugs including oxycodone, testosterone and diazepam.

Brisbane Supreme Court heard there was no allegation Plath was dealing commercially.

The Crown said an aggravating feature of some offending was that Plath was on bail.

Defence counsel Robert East said loved ones travelled from places including Coffs Harbour to support Plath on Tuesday.

"They've all been to see him in prison,” Mr East added.

Plath also faced a charge of failing to appear but Mr East said his client "to his credit” presented himself to police after realising he had failed to report on time.

The Chief Justice said one charge related to Plath smashing a glass pipe with his foot in a "not too effective act of concealment”.

She told Plath: "You have a bad criminal history” with many charges including breaching domestic violence orders.

But she added: "It seems when you go to jail you think about things a bit more and you get back on track.”

The judge said Plath's relatives took the trouble to visit Brisbane.

She said one relative had explained to the court some hardships Plath had previously encountered.

The Chief Justice told Plath he needed help, and should enrol in programs to prevent reoffending - if not for himself, then for his loved ones.

Plath was sentenced to 20 months jail but released on parole immediately. - NewsRegional