The protest outside a pig and poultry farm in Beerburrum.
The protest outside a pig and poultry farm in Beerburrum. 7 News

Farms come under fire in animal liberation protest

ANIMAL activists have made a public protest on the Steve Irwin Way, outside a Beerburrum pig and poultry farm.

About 30 protesters from animal welfare group Anonymous for the Voiceless gathered on the Steve Irwin Way, Beerburrum, on Sunday morning.

Animal activist Angela Brito told 7 News the animal liberation movement was gaining momentum.

"We're here today to open people's eyes to the abuse that goes on in these piggeries and basically all across the livestock industry.

"Our movement is getting bigger and bigger, and you're not going to get rid of us."

She said while animal welfare laws had been in place for decades, it "hasn't worked".

"We need to stop this, we need to stop all the killing, it's totally unecessary," she said.

"If this was a dog factory, then people would be outside protesting in huge numbers.

"They would be breaking in there and rescuing these dogs, and they would be looked at as heroes, not thieves."

The protest took place outside the Mountain View Poultry farm.

The farm manager declined to comment on the protest.

Earlier in January a man and woman were arrested over the theft of two piglets and 13 chickens from two Beerburrum properties.

After police made the arrests, animal liberation spokeswoman Lynda Stoner told the ABC the animals were injured and sick, and the pair had attempted to "rehome" them.

The man accused of stealing the animals posted photos taken at the farms to Facebook, showing a pig with an injury and chickens missing feathers.

"No one is ever going to give medical assistance to these animals so people do go in, yes, and take sick and dying animals and get veterinary assistance and then take them to a place and give them a forever home," Ms Stoner said.