A farmer with drug charges has told a court he’s not a bad person.
A farmer with drug charges has told a court he’s not a bad person.

Farmer with drug charges says he’s ‘not a bad person’

AN AMBROSE farmer charged for a number of drug offences has told a court he's "not a bad person".

Kenneth John Pershouse pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Monday to two counts of possess dangerous drugs and possess utensil.

The court heard that on April 10 Pershouse was intercepted by police as a passenger in a vehicle and was detained for a search.

Police located three clip seal bags containing 0.6g of meth and one clip seal bag 0.2g of MDMA and a glass pipe with burned residue in Pershouse's bag which he said were his.

The court was told Pershouse told police he had MD which he believed was a pure form of MDMA and was much stronger than ecstasy and he had used the pipe to smoke meth that evening.

The prosecution told the court the statements Pershouse made were "concerning" and indicated he was a significant drug user and may need assistance.

Pershouse disagreed with the statement and said the drug use was "a bit of misjudgment."

"I'm not a bad person," Pershouse said.

"I've done the drug diversion course, I've (sought) counselling, I'm in a lot better state of mind."

Pershouse was sentenced to 12 months probation, a conviction was not recorded.