A NEIGHBOUR has described hearing the horrifying thud as a car and truck collided in Torbanlea, claiming a woman's life.

"It wasn't like a normal crash," Leisa Grimfey said.

"It was like an almighty thud and didn't sound like a crash usually does."

Ms Grimfey lives on a property just around the corner from the Bruce Highway and Gympie St intersection.

The intersection is where the woman was killed.

"I've lived here for nine years and I've heard more than a number of crashes," she said.

"I would say there's at least one maybe two every three months.

"There needs to be traffic lights or a speed reduction because crashes happen far too often."

The Forensic Crash Unit will investigate Sunday afternoon's fatal crash.

The car and truck collided near the intersection of Gympie St and the Bruce Hwy at Torbanlea about 4.40pm.

The 50-year-old Bundaberg woman, the sole occupant of the car, was declared dead at the scene.

The driver's side of the car was badly damaged, while the truck eventually stopped in the trees alongside the road.