Father exposes his genitalia to Maccas staff member

A YOUNG father-of-one who exposed his genitalia to a McDonald's restaurant staff member has been handed a suspended jail sentence.

Justin James Carrick, 24, pleaded guilty in Townsville Magistrates Court yesterday to wilful exposure.

On April 10, about 10.50pm, Carrick made a "humping" gesture towards a female staff member at the Townsville City McDonald's. Security footage showed him then pull up his shorts to expose his genitalia.

Defence solicitor Ross Malcomson said Carrick had bipolar disorder and was at the time heavily intoxicated and not taking his medications. He did not remember the incident.

"What he does recall is being at a residence prior to the incident, there were a couple of fights that took place, he's left and the next moment he's woken in the watchhouse," Mr Malcomson said.

"He's very embarrassed by his conduct, however he's apologetic for any concern raised by that female staff member at McDonald's."

Mr Malcomson said Carrick grew up in Mackay and was recently sentenced to jail time in the District Court in Mackay on a separate offence.

Magistrate Ross Mack sentenced Carrick to one month in jail, suspended for nine months. "It may be that you have significant mental health issues but you do know being intoxicated and not on your medication can place you in a situation where you may have behaved badly," he said.