Felt like 31C: Southeast swelters through steamy night


BRISBANE'S hot weather did not ease up last night as apparent temperatures remained above 31C across the city.

The heat, caused by 80 per cent humidity, was calculated based on the actual temperature, the wind and humidity.

Bureau of Meteorology's Peter Markworth said warm moisture in the air was not an uncommon cause uncomfortable heat throughout the night.

"The temperature still got down to 26.7 (in Brisbane) as a minimum, but it was that increased humidity around 80 per cent which kept those apparent temperatures to stay above 31 degrees," he said.

The hottest hour of the night was 9pm in Brisbane where apparent temperatures reached 33.3C while the coolest saw 31.3C at 3am.

The Sunshine Coast saw their hottest hour at 10pm at 31.2C with apparent temperatures remaining prominently in the high-20s overnight.

The Gold Coast's apparent temperatures remained in the mid-to-high 20s.


Mr Markworth said the heat was expected to steadily ease over the next week.

"(Temperatures) start to ease pretty slowly in the coming days, so hopefully staying around the mid-20s rather than that little bit higher which we got over the last couple of days.

"There's a good chance of showers and thunderstorms pretty much until the weekend and then it starts to ease a little bit as we move into next week, still a 40 to 50 per cent chance around the Brisbane area."