DESTRUCTION: Hoons ripped up a section of one of the fields at Martens Oval.
DESTRUCTION: Hoons ripped up a section of one of the fields at Martens Oval. Mike Knott BUN100918FIELD1

Fence, grounds trashed as club is rocked by low act

IN A bizarre coincidence that has left a local sporting club reeling, a ute stolen from Miller St has caused havoc at a Miller St sporting venue, more than 20km apart.

Bundaberg Football is disgusted and angry after its administration building, fence and sporting fields along Miller St, Bundaberg were targeted in the early hours of Monday morning, with offenders using a white Holden ute stolen from Miller St at Bargara, less than an hour earlier.

The ute, which rammed the fence, bringing down more than 100m of poles and wiring, also caused extensive damage to one of the back fields and saw the offenders smash their way into the John Ebeling administration building.

Football Bundaberg president Femia Eizema said about 1am they were alerted to the incident at Martens Oval after the alarms went off.

"I'm disgusted someone would do something like that to hard working volunteers," she said.

"I just don't see any need for this type of vandalism.


DESTRUCTION: Hoons ripped up a section of one of the fields at Martens Oval.
Hoons caused damage to a fence in the onslaught. Mike Knott BUN100918FIELD2

"They've rammed the fence, gone to our main building, broken in upstairs, kicked in a few doors.

"They tried to steal an old, unused safe ... they threw that over the balcony.

"When the alarms started going off it looks like they've sped out and rammed into another part of the fence."

Ms Eizema said the fence was left wrapped around the car, which was left abandoned in the street.

Numerous witnesses, who heard the noise and went outside to investigate, reported seeing two offenders run away from the car.


NEW SEASON: Femia Eizema is the newly elected president of Football Bundaberg.
Photo: Paul Donaldson / NewsMail
Bundaberg Football president Femia Eizema. Paul Donaldson BUN310116FOOT1

Ms Eizema said the only fortunate thing was that most of the damage to the grounds was caused to the back field, which won't need be used for the remainder of the finals this weekend.

But she said it's a slap in the face for volunteers who give their time to the sporting organisation.

"This would be our third break in this year,' she said.

"It's the hour all the volunteers put in, we were thinking we can put some good maintenance into the fields and now money is going to be taken away from that to fix the fence.

"It's been all knocked down, you couldn't use the pole or fencing again.

"There was tangled fencing all over the street.

"There's damage to the doors and to the offices."

A police spokeswoman confirmed police are investigating the incident.

It's understood the unlocked ute was left with the keys inside when it was stolen from a Miller St address at Bargara about midnight.

Anyone with information is urged to call Police link on 131 444 or Crime stopper anonymously on 1800 333 000.