Wild dogs have been sighted on Bennetts Road in west Coffs.
Wild dogs have been sighted on Bennetts Road in west Coffs.

Feral dogs leave woman a prisoner in her backyard

WHAT would you do if you had a run in with a pack of wild dogs?

Coffs Harbour local Debra Hawkes was recently faced with this situation near her home in west Coffs.

Luckily, she had the confidence to stand her ground during a confrontation with two adults and three puppies in the bush near her home. But now she's left feeling like a prisoner in her own backyard.

Last weekend, while walking out of her caravan on Bennetts Road in west Coffs, she looked up the road and saw three young pups who quickly took off.

Thinking someone was walking down the road, Debra grabbed her walking cane and hiking stick to have a look.

"I walked through the forest, got around a bend and saw three puppies and two adult dogs," Debra said.

The dogs were described as large and a mix of bull mastiff crosses.

When the adult dogs spotted Debra around 20 metres away, one went into attack mode.

"The adult went to attack me, it was growling and ferocious the way it was coming at me.

"I raised my sticks, stood my ground and yelled as loud as I could.

The dog ran off into the bush to return to the pack but when they didn't move away, she backed off.

Without the sticks, Debra said she would have been mauled and was in shock for the rest of the day following the run in.

"I haven't been out since, I'm too scared to go out walking anywhere. The tracks are too muddy to take a car and I don't have anything to defend myself against five dogs so feel like a prisoner in my backyard at the moment.

"I'm just lucky I'm used to big dogs. If I hadn't had big dogs before, I wouldn't have been as comfortable standing my ground with them.

Reports of feral dog sightings are not uncommon on the Coffs Coast with a post currently on the Mullaway General Store's notice board warning the public a pack of 10 feral dogs was sighted in the area, causing harm to domestic animals.

Debra said something needs to be done to get them under control in the area.

"It was too close, there is too much happening at the moment with these wild dogs. They need to get under control somehow, they're just out there breeding.

Debra said her neighbour recently found a possum disembowelled and mauled, possibly from the dogs and another neighbour was bailed up by two dogs around 18 months ago.

"The puppies were really healthy, they're obviously surviving off the wildlife.

With dogs of her own, Debra said it lucky she didn't have them with her when she walked into the forest.

"I have two pets, luckily I have them inside and keep them in a penned in area. I'm not letting them out at the moment.