HALF BAKED: Jack Traynor (in white) leaves Ipswich court after being fined for trespassing and public nuisance.
HALF BAKED: Jack Traynor (in white) leaves Ipswich court after being fined for trespassing and public nuisance. Ross Irby

Festival big mouth enjoys short stint in watch house


A DOOF doof music fan with no cash to buy a ticket proved his athletic prowess and jumped a festival fence.

But when the lad was sprung and refused to leave the venue he stupidly bad-mouthed police with his foul lyrical skills.

The unannounced appearance of Jack Traynor at the Earth Frequency Festival, when his name wasn't on the bill - proved way more costly than the ticket price when fined $400 for his troubles.

Traynor, 18, from Southport, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to trespassing at the festival on February 17 at Peak Crossing; and committing public nuisance.

Prosecutor, Senior Constable Dave Shelton said crowd management security complained to police at the Ivory's Rock venue that Traynor was found inside without a ticket.

It was a four day event with on-site camping.

There had been a disturbance and a young male was observed to be under the influence.

Snr Const Shelton said Traynor was asked to leave the venue by security but did not.

When police queried his name he started verbally abusing officers saying "pieces of sh**, f***ing dogs..."

He was told to stop his aggression and anti-social behaviour.

But in the end Traynor was arrested and taken off to the police watch-house.

Defence lawyer Trevor Hoskin said the teenager received a very positive report when he completed a drug and alcohol withdrawal program.

And is now training as an apprentice baker.

Mr Hoskin said all his mates had tickets to the festival but Traynor didn't have the money so he jumped the fence.

When taken to the police watch-house he was not released until after 3am.

"He wished he hadn't," he said.

"He has no offence history and is only 18."

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess said it was good that he now had employment and taken the steps with counselling.

She said he was no doubt under the influence when he called the police officers bad names.

She said he was no doubt trespassing but then refused to leave, his behaviour unacceptable..

Ms Sturgess gave him credit for not having previous offences.

He was fined $400 with no conviction recorded.

Ross Irby