Redhead rally - Ginger Maryland during the fashion show.
Redhead rally - Ginger Maryland during the fashion show. Cody Fox

FESTIVAL: Fraser Coast gets ready to paint town red

IF MARYBOROUGH had a colour, it would be red.

That's what Ginger Maryland reckons.

The proud Heritage City resident started the campaign for a Festival of Redheads in Maryborough.

Her idea was picked up by Fraser Coast Tourism and Events and submitted to Wotif's Festival of Wot? competition.

The travel site put it to the public to nominate towns, cities and suburbs deserving recognition something unique.

Wotif willput on an entire festival for one winning destination by the end of the year.

Ginger's idea began with a visit to Maryborough Hospital's 130th anniversary celebrations.

"I went into a community services display where I saw photos of people with red hair, men with beards and babies in prams, all with red hair," Ginger said.

"I thought, 'what is with all the red hair?' I was also at the show sitting with strangers and noticed lots of people with red hair and I asked 'does anybody know why there are so many redheads in town?'

"I was told it was because of the immigration from Scandinavia, all the Irish, German, Scottish and the Danes and Norwegians.

"Maryborough was the main port, apart from Brisbane, where everybody immigrated and settled in the area

"Queensland was the only state that encouraged people from Scandinavia, they had assisted passage."

In addition to a festival celebrating redheads, Ginger would like try to set a world record for the longest line of red cars.

Daniel Finch, Wotif's managing director, said there had been a raft of brilliant submissions.

"We can't wait to see which festival Australia gets behind and we're looking forward to working with the winning town to create an experience that locals will love and is worth travelling for," he said.

Martin Simons, Fraser Coast Tourism and Events general manager, said festivals were crucial to attracting visitors to an area.

"We are always looking for innovative ideas to help promote ourselves and attract visitors; and I'm sure the Festival of Redheads would put us on the map, adding a unique dimension to our vibrant event and tourism calendar," he said.