Dingo at the Maheno
Dingo at the Maheno

Festive Season on Fraser Island and wildlife warnings.

The holiday season on Fraser Island comes with the usual warning by Queensland Parks and Wildlife rangers to beware of dingoes and, as usual, there is the inevitable encounter with visiting tourists. According to QPWS recent encounters have included a dingo attempting to steal bait and growling at the person who tried to retrieve it and an animal following people in 'a dominant manner' whatever that implies.

Whilst it is important to continually attempt to educate visitors it is also important to realise these behaviours are not suggestive of threatening or aggressive animals, they are simply normal and natural behaviours of an opportunistic scavenger, which is our dingo.

With the thousands who throng to Fraser Island during the holidays it is impossible to expect the dingoes to withdraw from their territories to accommodate the tourist invasion and it is impossible to expect the dingoes not to be drawn to the smell of cooking food or the bait bucket sitting on the beach.

The recording of every encounter with the public as an 'incident' is misleading and the statement by a QPWS spokesperson that the dingo is 'learning bad habits' suggests the dingo must abide by our rules and regulations, an impossible and impractical expectation.

We hope that tourists enjoy their holidays but respect the fact that Fraser Island is a wilderness and encounters with wildlife can be part of that experience, so consider it a privilege and remember any interaction with the dingoes could lead to their destruction.
Save Fraser Island Dingoes Inc.