Saunders mission for new ambulance station at Tiaro

AFTER celebrating the 11th anniversary of the opening of the Howard Ambulance Station, member for Maryborough Bruce Saunders is a man on a mission.

On Wednesday he said he was committed to fighting for more staff for the Howard station and he said he would also like to see an ambulance station open at Tiaro.

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Mr Saunders said he greatly enjoyed the event to celebrate the anniversary of the service, which was held on Saturday.

During the event he got the opportunity to meet the five staff members who operate the Howard station.

Mr Saunders said the job that was done by the staff members was "absolutely brilliant".

He said the staff serviced a growing community that included Torbanlea and Toogoom as well as Howard and it was in a perfect position given the nearby Bruce Hwy.

Given the position of Tiaro right on the highway, Mr Saunders said he felt it would also be appropriate to have an ambulance service stationed there and said it was something he would be fighting for.