Inner-Melbourne parents are still shunning vaccines in alarming numbers.
Inner-Melbourne parents are still shunning vaccines in alarming numbers.

Figures show Wide Bay has healthy vaccination rate

FIGURES released by Queensland Health have revealed the Wide Bay has one of the highest rates of vaccinations in the state.

In the Wide Bay, 95.2 per cent of children who had celebrated their first birthdays were vaccinated, according to the figures, with the number dipping to 92.3 per cent at two years of age. The results for one-year-old children in the Wide Bay were the second highest across the state.

Just down the road, the Sunshine Coast recorded the worst results, with only 91 per cent of children aged one fully vaccinated.

Children aged two on the Sunshine Coast had a vaccination rate of 89.2 per cent, rising back up to 91.4 per cent for children aged five.

The Wide Bay also recorded one of the strongest results for indigenous children, with 92.3 per cent vaccinated.

OUR SAY: Don't buy into fake news surrounding vaccinations

Maryborough doctor Paul Cotton said vaccinations were vital to stopping the spread of disease.

He said some believed vaccinations caused autism, but those claims had been debunked.

"A few people out there are conscientious objectors," he said.

"I'm respectful of their views, but the evidence is clear."

Vaccination not only protected the child, but other vulnerable members of the community such as newborns, he said.

Maryborough mum Amanda Campbell said it was a relief to live in an area that took vaccination seriously.

As the mum of two girls, she said it was an important part of keeping them healthy.

"What better way to protect your kids from illnesses?" she said, adding she would have concerns about sending her children to daycare if she knew there were unvaccinated children in the group.

"Everyone's entitled to their own opinion and beliefs but it's the child who ends up getting sick."