FINAL PITCH: Coast candidates vying for your vote

AS PRE-POLLING gets underway across the Fraser Coast, candidates from Maryborough and Hervey Bay have taken the chance to offer their final pitch before voting begins.


ALP candidate Bruce Saunders

JENNI and I love this region - it is our home.

The next few years are going to be critical for our community. It is a time for strong, stable leadership and I am so proud to work closely with our Premier to deliver a safer and brighter future for our communities.

Some people think politics is some pointscoring match.

That has never been my motivation - I genuinely enjoy waking up every morning and having the opportunity to work for our community, and show the rest of our state that this region truly is the heart of Queensland.

I always will put the Maryborough electorate first.

That's why we are seeing a billion dollar investment into our local rail manufacturing, which will deliver an additional 690 new jobs here in our community.

We have helped to deliver manufacturing grants in this region, road, and rail projects, delivering new jobs programs.

We continue to invest in our health services and with record funding to our Schools we will ensure that young families have a choice in our electorate for great education facilities.

We need to keep beating down the door of the manufacturing companies and the halls of power to make sure that our region is seen as the place to invest in jobs, to deliver better health and education opportunities for our entire community.

That is why I put my hand up for this role in the first place, and I am proud to stand on my record of delivering for the Maryborough electorate.

One Nation candidate Sharon Lohse

It is a strong belief that in rural and regional communities, we are the forgotten Queenslanders, outside the South East Corner.

This is due to agenda-driven governments focused on the election cycles, shortsighted and with vision only focused on this and not the betterment of our great state, for generations to come.

It is in the regions where the wealth is created through our primary industries and mining sectors.

It is from this the other tiers of industry and commerce flow-manufacturing, retail, tourism, etc.

There has been a continued and deliberate erosion of landholders' property rights by consecutive state governments, making decisions based on ill informed green agendas and not scientific data and fact.

Our right to water, our right to use our farmland to produce food and fibre at reasonable cost to our fellow Australians has been so adversely affected, that unless we have a strong accountable conservative government in place post October, there will continue to be a mass exodus from the agricultural industry, which will be the death of our rural towns.

Towns like Maryborough built on the industries of timber, cane, dairy, beef and horticulture are now a shadow of the vibrant communities they once were.

This is solely due to poor governing inflicting over-regulation and adverse to business legislation.

The fallout of this for the consumer is the skyrocketing cost of living and the very real alternative of imported food to sustain our needs.

Lack of full-time secure employment, coupled with lack of adequate health and education facilities has put the entire family unit under stress and some consequences are crime, drug abuse and disengaged youth.

I will be a proud representative and a strong voice in Brisbane.

Informed Medical Options Party candidate Samantha Packer

I am a passionate mother, natural health advocate and a fierce supporter of small business, entrepreneurs and our farmers - they are the backbone of our country.

I stood up to run as a candidate because I am sick and tired of not being represented, of the corruption, the empty promises every single election and career politicians who do not listen to the people they are supposed to be representing.

I am very concerned, as everyone should be, about the direction our country is heading in.

Over a trillion dollars in debt, legislations being passed under the radar of the Australian people.

We currently have no voice in parliament and runaway career politicians with absolutely no accountability.

The government has given themselves far more power than they should ever have, dictating to us how we live, earn a living, our health and medical choices, our birthing rights, our land, where does it end?

Now they want to make a mass human experiment as mandatory as possible and bring in foreign military for undefined emergencies.

We need to breakdown the power structure behind our major parties and this is only going to be possible from the grassroots.

Only "the people" can turn this around, so we must elect everyday Australians into parliament.

LNP candidate Denis Chapman

Labor's mismanagement has given us a massive debt and the worst unemployment figures in the Country. All this was so before COVID struck.

I am a proactive person who has the welfare of the whole electorate at heart, 4.5 years in council has honed my skills to the extent that I am fully confident that I am the best candidate to honestly represent Maryborough.

Since the campaign commenced I have been able to convince my party's commitment to:

1. 1000 books before five for all children in the Fraser Coast. If you can read, all other things can be accessed.

2. Four-lane Tiaro bypass as part of Deb Frecklington's innovative commitment to four-lane the whole Bruce Highway.

3. Build the off-stream water storage for which federal money is already available and the Labor Government has spurned.

The LNP has committed to rebate every vehicle owner $300 before Christmas to get the economy moving quickly. We will introduce a budget within 100 days of the election. Labor has failed to present a budget, what are they hiding?

The LNP will invest a further $300 million in a surgery blitz to clear the backlog of Labor's growing waiting lists

Electricity bills will be lowered by as much as $300 by allowing competition into regional areas and guarantee 20 per cent lower electricity costs to industry.

The LNP will not sack teachers, doctors or nurses as Labor claims. That would be against the community's and our best interests.

Greens candidate Craig Armstrong

The Greens do not accept corporate donations so we can work for you.

I can say we will pay for our initiatives by raising royalty rates on coal to 35 per cent and 20 per cent on iron ore and other minerals, because past governments have negotiated lousy deals for Queenland.

We can have free education, massively reduced power bills and build thousands of public homes because Queenland is wealthy state, but we are simply not getting our fair share.

The Greens are the party for the 21st century.

Hervey Bay

ALP candidate Adrian Tantari

I have lived on the Fraser Coast solidly for the past 20 years and have raised my three children here.

My youngest, my daughter, was born in Hervey Bay and they have all gone to our fine public schools in Hervey Bay.

There's no denying the struggle people and parents face today.

As a parent trying to budget and save to put food on the table while giving the family the best you can is tough work.

As my son's primary carer, I know how hard it can be to provide for your family. My work locally has been to roll out many community programs and projects that have created and sustained jobs and made the Hervey Bay region a better place for people to live.

The Palaszczuk Government's ongoing response to COVID-19, including maintaining strong borders in the face of fierce resistance, has kept Queenslanders safe. That means we've already started our economic recovery in Hervey Bay.

LNP candidate Steve Coleman

Moving to Hervey Bay in 2004, my wife Shorts and I purchased the Urangan Motor Inn and Pier Restaurant, operating both for eight and a half years.

Shortly after, we were approached to take over the aged restaurant known as Viva Italia, refurbishing and opening it in a joint venture with our daughter and son-in-law which we continue to run today.

I'm passionate about small business, because I know first-hand what Labor's nine new and higher taxes have done to business confidence and unemployment levels.

During this time, we were able to work closely with Meals on Wheels to assist during the COVID-19 situation.

I am currently an active member of Hervey Bay Chamber of Commerce. I'm also involved in community groups such as the Hervey Bay Lunch Bunch and Hervey Bay Mates for Mates.

I believe Hervey Bay is one of the greatest places in Australia and I'm determined to drive investment and tourism into our local economy, to create secure jobs and get Queensland working again.

Independent candidate Stuart Taylor

My name is Stuart Taylor and I'm asking for your vote this coming Queensland state election. With years of experience as a police prosecutor, Fraser Coast deputy mayor and councillor, and having raised my family here in Hervey Bay, I know what our city needs.

I'm ready to speak up for our community.

For over 19 years seat of Hervey Bay has been represented by one of the two major parties who have consistently shown that they are not interested in putting the community's needs first.

Let's face it, they're only interested in spending money and making commitments in marginal seats where they think they can swing voters.

Regions like Hervey Bay will always get nothing when the major parties hold a safe seat or when don't think they can sway voters.

For a strong voice in Queensland's parliament, we need a person who is capable, experienced and qualified.

I am the only Hervey Bay candidate who has successfully won elections and served as an elected member and I will hit the ground running and fight for Hervey Bay.

One Nation candidate Damian Huxham

I believe I am the most passionate candidate when it comes to Hervey Bay.

Hervey Bay is where my wife and I chose to grow our family.

I work in the FIFO resources sector, I have run and owned several successful small businesses and I appreciate the value of a fair day's pay for a fair day's work.

I may not have all the answers to all our problems, but I'm willing to listen and to work with anyone for the betterment of our region.

Our localised policy announcements that we are releasing in the lead up to the election are ideas that have been put to us by local people.

I believe everyone has something to offer and if elected I will be constantly seeking local feedback on ideas, local projects and ways to make our region the envy of Queensland and release us from the major party stranglehold that's choking our regions.

Long-term vision, enthusiasm, honesty, transparency and accountability are my traits.

I am willing, able and ready to serve the people of Hervey Bay and I ask for your support to serve you as your elected member.

Animal Justice Party candidate Amy Byrnes

By voting for me, Amy Byrnes, in this upcoming election, you're not only giving me the chance to help the animals and our environment as your local MP but you are also showing the major parties what you care about and that you want to see changes for the better here in Hervey Bay.

I am also here for the people, if I'm elected, I will listen to the people of Hervey Bay and I will base my decisions on AJP's core values (kindness, equality, rationality and non- violence) as well as seeking expert advice.

Kangaroos are losing their homes due to increasing amounts of new housing development projects.

There are many other dangers facing our local inhabitants,

Sea turtles and other marine life are at risk of being hooked or entangled in fishing lines and nets.

The Fraser Island dingoes need more protection and tourists need to be educated on the environmental impacts of their presence on K'gari.

Remember that the animals can't vote this election, but you can, so please vote for a kinder Hervey Bay for all.