FLIGHT OF FANCY: Kelvin Nielsen of Cooloola Nature will talk and answer questions about local butterflies.
FLIGHT OF FANCY: Kelvin Nielsen of Cooloola Nature will talk and answer questions about local butterflies. contributed

Find out more about the local butterflies at info session

"ONE of the joys of being outdoors in the garden, a park or the bush is the sight of a butterfly resting on a colourful flower, drinking from a pool or flitting effortlessly through the trees," wildlife lover Carolyn Bussey said.

"Sometimes amazing clouds of Caper Whites or Blue Tigers suddenly appear in their hundreds and thousands.

"Butterflies symbolise ephemeral beauty and the ability to be transformed as exemplified in the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

"Although unlike The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Australian native butterfly caterpillars don't eat apples, pears, plum, oranges, or chocolate cake!"

If you would like to know more about our local butterflies, how to identify them and how to encourage them, Wildlife Queensland and the Fraser Coast Regional Council invite you to attend a presentation at Tinana State School by Kelvin Nielsen of Cooloola Nature, a not for profit group dedicated to educating the community about the value and conservation of Australian wildlife.

"Some of the questions could be what kind of flowers can we plant to provide nectar for the butterflies? What plants do the caterpillars eat?," Carolyn said.

"The lovely black Orchard Swallowtail with its orange , blue and cream trim evolved to feed on indigenous citrus plants but has now learned to feast on the leaves of backyard citrus - it is easy to pick off the caterpillars by hand.

"By and large our native butterflies are adapted to dining on the leaves of native plants - native grasses, wattles, rainforest trees and other bush plants - rather than our vegetable gardens."

Kelvin will bring along display cases of mounted butterfly specimens to allow people to see the what the different butterflies look like. Butterfly food plants will be also be on display.

The presentation will go from 1-3.30pm on Sunday, March 11. The cost is a gold coin donation and attendees must register by March 4 with Sara on 41295789 for catering and seating planning.

A book on butterfly gardens by Densey Clyne will be offered as a lucky door prize.