First Sunday trading steady

STEPPING away from the Mary Poppins Festival, the streets of Maryborough's CBD were as ghostly as any other Sunday.

Retailers across the board shunned the controversial new Sunday trading scheme, which was due to kick off yesterday but failed to generate support from business owners throughout town.

But over at Station Square, it was a slightly different scenario.

Donut King owner Melissa Krisanski said trade was constant throughout the day.

"I can't speak for any of the other retailers, but we had a really good day," Ms Krisanski said.

"I was surprised actually, considering there was a lot of negativity floating around about it."

She said there was also the issue of the festival, which may have kept potential customers away from the shopping centre.

"I also think a lot of people haven't realised yet (that the centre is open on Sundays), so there's still the issue of getting awareness out about it," Ms Krisanski said.

Station Square general manager Doug Sanderson said he'd witnessed a steady stream of customers into the afternoon.

"We were happy for the first Sunday because it was steady all day," Mr Sanderson said.

"And the bulk of the retailers I spoke to were happy.

"Most people were at the Mary Poppins Festival so to still get the numbers we did was great.

"I think it will build up to become another normal shopping day for people."