Charles hooked this golden trevally while fly fishing out in the Sandy Strait.
Charles hooked this golden trevally while fly fishing out in the Sandy Strait.

FISHING: Estuary species fire up in the Bay

RUN off from the recent rains have kicked our estuary species into gear and in the coming months we should reap the rewards of a good fresh inflow.

Burrum River

The mouth of the burrum and the Gregory river have seen a few barra reported. Out the front the burrum 8 mile has produced a few school mackerel and golden trevally. The crabs have been fairly good since the rain so taking a few pots is a great idea.

Local Reefs

The shallow reefs have fished well as they do after a bit of fresh. Coral trout have been in good numbers with jigs, soft plastics and fresh baits getting results. When targeting trout the humble cod is often a bycatch, cod have been fairly active also with fish to 8 kg reported in water less then 5 meters. Around the islands golden trevally and queenfish have been in the eddys and working the current lines.

Urangan Pier

Off the Pier big Gt's have been reported out the end with whiting and flathead in the first channel. The odd golden trevally has also been reported on live baits.

Platypus Bay

Up in Platypus Bay longtail tuna are slowly working there way into the bay. As we move into Autumn they will ramp up as they arrive for their annual migration south. Queenfish have also been reported working bait schools through the bay. Deeper in the water column golden trevally, painted sweetlip, grass sweetlip and scarlets have been reported but sharks are very bad. Move about regularly to avoid the sharks !

Sandy Strait

The creeks along Frasers West coast have fished well for salmon, grunter and a few barra of late.

Fishing these creeks on the night tides has seen great results if you can stand the mosquitoes. On the edges mangrove jacks, grunter, sweetip and a few fingermark have been reported.

In the Mary river system Barra have been about with the deeper holes and rock bars holding fish.

Working around the mouth should see some good catches over the coming weeks with all the bait hanging out the front. Salmon, barra, GT's, grunter and more will be out and about on the hunt, working these areas with vibes, harbodie lures and soft platics should see results.