OH SNAP!: Nick reeled in this quality snapper while out on the water with Hervey Bay Fly and Sportfishing.
OH SNAP!: Nick reeled in this quality snapper while out on the water with Hervey Bay Fly and Sportfishing. andrew chorley

FISHING GUIDE: Prepare top tackle for bites

LAST week's full moon period provided some great fishing but, with less run in the water this week, tempting fish to bite will be much harder.

Clear water from small tides and a few weeks with light winds have made the fish very spooky.

Light leaders and well-presented baits and lures will be a must.


The Burrum River has been a little tough this week.

Fishing the night tides for species like whiting and flathead has seen better results.

The upper and mid reaches have produced a few small trevally, queenfish and tarpon for a bit of sport.

Out the front, diver whiting can be found off Toogoom with live yabbies getting the best results.

The 8-Mile has produced a few snapper, with baits fished in a berley trail getting results.


The wide grounds have produced some good results with coral trout, snapper, sweetlip, cod and scarlets in the mix.

Live baits have been productive with soft plastics also getting some great results.

Spanish mackerel have been about on the southern gutters with some good specimens of trolled minnows.


Grant hooked this coral trout caught in Platypus Bay recently.
Grant hooked this coral trout caught in Platypus Bay recently. andrew chorley


Snapper up in Platypus Bay have been elusive this year.

Working the yakka schools has got some great results but can be a slow grind.

Golden trevally and big longtail tuna have also been about, balling up the yakka.

On the reefs a few scarlets have been reported with fresh baits working well.

On the surface a few mac tuna have been sipping, with small slugs working well.

Along the beach, tailor can be found on the coffee rock patches.

Sizes vary but can be some great sport on light gear.

As we move into August, the beaches along Fraser Island's west coast will also be worth a look for flathead.

Walking the beaches around the creek mouths can be a great way to target flathead.



Squire have been reported from the artificial reef, channel hole, Boags hole and the outer banks.

Lightly rigged baits with long fluro carbon leaders have been working the best.

Soft plastics have also been working well on the local reefs with coral trout, sweetlip and trevally taking well-presented soft plastics.


Winter can be a great time of year in the strait.

Flathead, bream and whiting can be found along Fraser's western flats. Working soft plastics can also be effective on other species like grunter and trevally which can make for a fun day's fishing.

Tailor have been active along the ledges down the straits and will continue to be a regular catch over the next month. Jew will be a good option over the smaller tides this week with less run making it a little easier to fish some of the deeper areas through the tide.

Kingfisher, Ungowa and River Heads will be great locations to start looking for jew.

In the Mary River bream have been active around the rock bars and mouth of the river.

Fishing the last hour of the run out tide has been producing some great result. Salmon continue to be found throughout the river from the mouth up to the town reaches.


Bream have been a reliable target off the pier of late with some good numbers coming in on the night tides.

Queenfish have also been about with some nice specimens to 1m about, taking live baits in the first channel.

Out the end golden trevally, jew and longtail tuna have been reported.