Give the gift of unlimited news this Christmas! Plus all the perks...
Give the gift of unlimited news this Christmas! Plus all the perks...

Five gift ideas for the person who has everything

THERE is one in every family.   

That person who seems to already have everything, or is super fussy, making it a tiresome challenge to work out what to get them for Christmas.   

Here are five ideas which may work for your loved ones this time of year:  

A voucher: Even if you don't know their favourite shop, try one of those gift cards that includes multiple stores.   

Take them out for a day: Why not make it an experience rather than a material gift? If it's someone special, plan a romantic day with a picnic, hike and some quality one-on-one time.   

Adventure: Skydive? Bungy jump? Entry into the steer ride at the local rodeo? If they're into adventure, why not get them an experience they won't forget?   

Food: Are they a wine and cheese fan, or prefer chocolate and beer? Why not compile a hamper of all the things they do like and wrap it up as one giant basket of goodness?

A year of unlimited news: This is the gift that keeps on giving every day! This Christmas, we're offering a crazy deal with our 12-month unlimited digital news subscription including a free weekend paper delivered, unlimited access to the Courier Mail+ (or Daily Telegraph+ for NSW), the Washington Post and - get this - a FREE Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7" tablet! This offer will only work as a gift if you live at the same address as the recipient, but even if you wanted to keep the news subscription and give away the tablet that's a cracker of a gift! Head HERE or phone 1300 361 604 for more information.