Five midweek meals that just about make themselves

1. Eggs on toast

It's a super quick meal that will give you a boost of protein. If you want to add some good fats to your dinner why not throw in half an avocado and some spinach leaves. Cook your eggs just the way you like them - scrambled, poached, fried or boiled. 

The scrambled eggs produced by Mayor Richie Williamson in the Toast cafe cook-off.
Eggs are an easy and healthy dinner option.

2. Stir fry packed with veggies

This is always a winner and only takes 10 minutes to prep and cook. To spice it up add a few nuts in your stir fry.

Shanghai Beef Stirfry with Almonds
Yum stir fry!

3. Salad of your choice

Whipping up a salad isn't only healthy but its super quick and a good way to use up what's left in your fridge. Adding a boiled egg will give you some extra protein.

Kimberly Snyder
Salad is a great mid-week option.

4. Bought lasagne

If you literally want a meal you can chuck in the oven, grab a lasagne from the supermarket and pair it with steamed vegetables.

Ben Ross's hearty beef lasagne.
Lasagne cooks itself.

5. Toasted sandwich

A toasted sandwich is a good alternative and if you add lots of salad it can become quite a healthy quick option.

Four-year-old Riley Saunders enjoys his ham and cheese toasted sandwich from Yamba's Back Home Bakery.
Kids love toasted sandwiches. Jojo Newby