Kunda Park mining “solutions” business Scott & Ensol has gone into administration.
Kunda Park mining “solutions” business Scott & Ensol has gone into administration. Lee Constable

Scott & Ensoll goes into administration

A LONG-TIME Sunshine Coast company with links to the mining industry has been forced to close its doors.

Scott & Ensoll, which had its headquarters in Kunda Park, was placed in the hands of administrators on Friday.

A source close to the company said staff were called in on Friday morning and told there was no more work and promised their outstanding pay would be in that evening.

So far, that has not happened.

The company has been in business for more than 40 years, providing "customised project solutions" for mining industry clients.

Worrells Insolvency and Forensic Auditing partner Paul Nogueira, who has been appointed administrator of the company, said he was still going through paperwork to determine the list of creditors.

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Scott & Ensoll is the latest in a growing list of Sunshine Coast businesses going through a difficult financial time, with Worrells involved in actions on 16 other Coast businesses in the past month alone.

That ranged from creditor petitions to court liquidation.

Mr Nogueria said Scott & Ensoll was also far from the only firm with mining links going through a tough time.

"I look after the Rockhampton office and there are plenty of inquiries in that region relating to the mining slowdown and closures," he said.

"It is a mix of Rockhampton work people who were made redundant and bought property in mining towns and now have to sell it.

"From the business side, a substantial slowdown has caused tremendous pressure.

"We are getting enquiries across the whole spectrum."

Mr Nogueira said it would take several days to determine the extent of Scott & Ensoll's financial situation for an intial report and he expected it would be three weeks before a more detailed report was completed.

Scott & Ensoll director Scott Breedin could not be reached for comment.