Bill Brown at his Mary River Marina business.
Bill Brown at his Mary River Marina business. Nat Bromhead

The first step for recovery

RELIEF has finally come for the business owners at the Mary River Marina after they were able to have their voices heard by the Queensland Flood Commission yesterday.

The five businesses met with flood inspectors yesterday and believe they may now see results after what has been a tough eight months.

“I feel quite confident about these guys,” marina owner Neville Foord said.

There is still more than $190,000 worth of repairs to be done for Neville and son Brett Foord, but the marina is slowly getting back to its former state.

The other businesses have only recently got back on their feet.

Mary River Marine Supplies owner Bill Brown said the meeting was the first step of many before the October 12 public hearing.

“We covered a lot of ground,” he said.

Mr Brown said much of their submission to the inquiry would be about Fraser Coast Regional Council's lack of response regarding a contingency plan for floods.

They will also fight against the outdated local flood warning system from the Bureau of Meteorology that does not warn of a flood until the marina is already under water.

“It's not a case of if, but when it (a flood) is going to happen again,” he said.

The group of businesses will be using their statements to champion the introduction of a contingency plan and better communication between the council and affected businesses.

“All we want to do is have the plan in place,” Mr Brown said.

‘We should all be working towards a common goal.”

Detective Inspector Mark Ainsworth will now piece together their statements.