Florence Welch: 'Taylor Swift helped fix my love life'

FLORENCE Welch has had a tumultuous couple of years, having gone through a breakup and checking into rehab after suffering a nervous breakdown.

But now the Florence + the Machine singer has said that some surprising people helped her through the difficult times.

While suffering a "complicated on-off relationship", singer Taylor Swift, Her director Spike Jonze and a host of taxi drivers were Welch's support network. 

"I know it sounds a cliché, but she's good to talk to about boys,"Welch told the Sunday Times Magazine. "She knows her stuff."

Welch and Swift bonded after the Met Gala, when Swift invited the troubled singer to her flat for pizza. "Lena Dunham was there, and Spike Jonze and Reese Witherspoon  and Zooey Deschanel, eating pizza and talking about boys," Welch says.

"I'd already asked loads of taxi drivers and everyone else [for advice], so I thought why not Taylor Swift and Spike Jonze too?"

Why not indeed.

Previously, Welch has spoken candidly of her struggle during her breakdown. "It was a bit of a crash-landing," she said in February. "In the year off, I was still going to events but something wasn't quite right, I was spiralling a bit."

Swift has played up to her reputation of being a serial dater, singing "got a long list of ex-lovers" in her 2014 single "Blank Space".

She has argued that it's public humiliation to tease her for having had lots of high-profile relationships. Swift told Glamour: "What else is it when you have two boyfriends in one year and everyone's calling you boy crazy, making jokes about you at awards shows? That's public humiliation. And I don't think it's fair."