STEPPING UP: Peter Guest has stepped up to the role of Football Wide Bay's admin officer.
STEPPING UP: Peter Guest has stepped up to the role of Football Wide Bay's admin officer. Griffith Thomas

Football’s new frontier could see new blood in charge

WIDE Bay football could have a completely new look in 2016 as all three organisations undergo major changes.

A special stakeholder meeting will be held at Hervey Bay Sports Club tomorrow night after it was revealed Football Hervey Bay's committee members intended to stand down.

Former president Peter Guest was forced to resign from the role to take up his current position as Football Wide Bay admin officer.

Guest said it had been tough for the remaining committee members "for some time", and their extra commitment to local clubs saw them overrun with work.

"Those volunteers are generally tied up with other clubs which doubles their workload," Guest said.

"They felt they didn't have the time to do everything which is understandable. Hopefully people will stand up at the meeting on Thursday night as that will determine the future."

Football Bundaberg will also have a new face in charge after Mick McLachlan resigned from his presidency on Sunday.

Guest said McLachlan opted to resign as he lacked motivation to continue, with Football Bundaberg left to meet later this week to discuss how they will run between now and the AGM.

"There's a fair bit happening in the background like setting up clubs and other administrative tasks so they have to get something sorted," Guest said.

"Everything has to all be put into the system so people can register."

While not as urgent as their fellow Wide Bay entities, Football Maryborough could also have a new look committee next month when they hold their AGM.

Football Maryborough had a forgettable episode in April this year when a full weekend of games were cancelled "with no justified reason".

All games were scheduled to be played at Granville's Federation Park, but clubs were shocked to receive an email advising of the competition-wide cancellation.

Football Wide Bay was forced to intervene to reschedule games.

Football Maryborough later apologised for the kerfuffle and admitted it was not an appropriate course of action.