Former boss quizzed on witness stand

A TRIAL that has been ongoing for three months for a man accused of operating a Sunshine Coast-based whitegoods company while it was insolvent is starting to wind down.

Bradley Wendel Young, 49, is accused of being one of the directors of company Kleenmaid while it was insolvent and his 60 day trial is due to finish soon.

The company went into administration in 2009 and Mr Young is on trial for 19 charges including fraud and insolvent trading.

This week he gave evidence at his Brisbane District Court trial and was being cross examined on Friday morning.

Crown prosecutor Stephen Keim asked Mr Young about various entities associated with Kleenmaid, including a company called Edis.

He asked Mr Young that when Edis had incurred a debt in April 2009 whether Mr Young considered the company's trade payables - the amount it owed to suppliers - when assessing whether the company was solvent.

"On that day I was not aware of the trade payables…" Mr Young replied.

"And you didn't give it any consideration in deciding whether the company was solvent or not?" Mr Keim asked.

Mr Young said: "Yes, I would have given that consideration".

Mr Keim asked how he could have considered it if he did not know what the trade payable figure was.

Mr Young said not knowing the figure did not mean he had not considered the trade payables on that day but that he had considered the trade payables for "some time".

Mr Keim asked if the figure was in the area of $23 million and Mr Young said he did not recall.

The trial will continue on Monday. - ARM NEWSDESK