Ben Williamson in 2015. Picture: David Clark.
Ben Williamson in 2015. Picture: David Clark.

Former Finks president 'denied legal rights'

POLICE have allegedly denied a former Finks bikie club president his rights after being arrested following a brawl at Broadbeach.

Ben Williamson, 27, was in April charged with affray, after allegedly getting into a fight with several men in a park nearby Moo Moos Bar and Grill in the early hours of the morning.

Defence lawyer, Danielle Heable, of Havas and Dib Lawyers said during the last court appearance for the matter there were "several issues with the case" including the fact Williamson was allegedly told by police he could not speak with his lawyer.

Outside court she declined to comment only to say Williamson would be fighting the charges.

It is understood Willamson was also cuffed and put in the back of a police vehicle about 2am on April 30 and asked a question by the arresting officer without being advised of his right to silence.

Ben Williamson was charged with affray. Pic by David Clark
Ben Williamson was charged with affray. Pic by David Clark

It's claimed he asked to phone his lawyer before being told: "Not right now."

Police are believed to have continued to speak to Williamson in the back of the van several minutes before allegedly telling him before telling him a second time he could not speak with a lawyer and to "shut up" and shutting the door of the cab.

Williamson spent a night in the Southport Watchhouse and claims he was denied making any calls during that time.

The Queensland Police Service declined to comment while the matter was "before the courts".

"Anyone who wishes to make a complaint in relation to an employee of the Queensland Police

Service can do so through via the online complaint form, Policelink or at their local station," a spokeswoman added.

"The QPS will endeavour to address and resolve the complaint promptly."