Former M'boro member Anne Maddern to run for a council seat

UNABLE to remove the political bug from her blood, former Maryborough MP Anne Maddern has announced she will stand for the Fraser Coast Regional Council.

Almost one year to the day since Labor campaigner Bruce Saunders took the Maryborough electorate office, Ms Maddern announced she would stand for division two against incumbent councillor Phil Truscott.

Running on the platform of developing a more equitable rating system, Ms Maddern is buoyed but reserved about her chances of success.

The loss of the State Government by the LNP in January 2015 is now a distant memory for Ms Maddern, who is confident her standing in the community was not damaged by her losing office.

"I only had a 2.8% swing against me," she said.

"One of the major factors in the loss of the last election was the Campbell (Newman) factor.

"That won't play out in the council elections."

Since suffering the swing against her in 2015, Ms Maddern has rested, taken a few short holidays and done a course in landscape oil painting.

Now she is back and ready to campaign for public office, firstly pledging a full review of the way rates are equated.

"There are so many inequities in the rating system it's just not even funny," she said.

"Councillors need to understand it's not their money to spend, it belongs to the community and someone needs to stand up and be a voice for our part of the region."

The Fraser Coast Sport Precinct will not make the cut to be on Ms Maddern's priority-project list.

"I think there are other and better ways of achieving the same outcomes - we can do it better and more cheaply," she said.

"I would argue you can look at other alternatives.

But Ms Maddern could not say how she would address Hervey Bay's shortage of sporting fields.

"You don't have to have however many tennis courts or football fields in one location," she said.

"I don't know where those parcels of land are but you could do research.

"It needs to be a series of smaller precincts scattered in the community."

Ms Maddern joins businessman Gordon Dale, former Army serviceman Stephen McGuigan and finance employee Michael Weeks in challenging Cr Truscott.