Joseph Dean Geiger at the scene of the Alexandra Headland siege telling media he didn't know Zlatko Sikorsky was a wanted man when he let him in his unit.
Joseph Dean Geiger at the scene of the Alexandra Headland siege telling media he didn't know Zlatko Sikorsky was a wanted man when he let him in his unit. Nine News

Former River Heads man caught up in barrel murder case

HE MOVED to the Sunshine Coast for a fresh start but now, former River Heads man Joseph Dean Geiger is caught up in a high profile murder case.

The 38-year-old is charged with accessory to murder for his alleged role in helping the accused murderer of 16-year-old Larissa Beliby evade police.

It is alleged Mr Geiger let Zlatko Sikorsky into his Alex Heads apartment which then turned into the scene of a 27-hour siege.

Mr Geiger is expected to be granted bail on Friday if the Maryborough address he listed as his bail address is approved.

That means he could be moving back to the Fraser Coast very soon.

During the stand-off, Mr Geiger told multiple news organisations he didn't know Mr Sikorsky when he "unwittingly" let him into his home.

But a court has heard phone records showed Mr Geiger communicated with Mr Sikorsky prior to the incident.

Police also allege he brought the accused murderer supplies to the unit during the lengthy ordeal. A bail application was made for Mr Geiger in Maroochydore Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Prosecutions argued Mr Geiger shouldn't be granted bail as he was at risk of offending and had told police he was dealing drugs.

But Magistrate Matthew McLaughlin indicated he would be granting the accused bail, saying Mr Geiger wasn't an unacceptable risk of committing further offences and his alleged role wasn't significant. He said Mr Geiger was a "petty criminal", but there was no suggestion he was a "standover man or thug".

Mr Geiger had only been living at the Juan St unit for seven weeks prior to the event which ended in his arrest.

After letting Mr Sikorsky inside the home, an argument between Mr Geiger and his partner caught attention the apartment manager, who then called police.

Police prosecutor Sam Rigby told the Maroochydore court that Mr Geiger had his two children in the unit with the violent fugitive.

Even if granted bail, Geiger is likely to have to serve 28 days behind bars as the current charge breached his parole for a dangerous driving offence.

Mr McLaughlin adjourned the bail hearing until Friday so police could check if the Maryborough bail address listed by Mr Geiger was suitable.

If given the green light, it was likely Mr Geiger would be granted bail - though with strict conditions.

The court heard Mr Geiger told police a man named Ted dropped Mr Sikorsky to his Alex Heads home, but officers have been unable to track the man down as Mr Geiger was unable to provide a phone number or last name.

According to the prosecutor, Mr Geiger told police drugs and guns were a "normal" part of his life, but denied knowing Mr Sikorsky had brought guns into his home until he saw them on June 29. Outside of court, a man believed to be a family member of Mr Geiger described him as a "good bloke".

Mr Sikorsky is facing 20 charges including murder, torture, deprivation of liberty and misconduct with a corpse as well as drug and weapons charges. Palmwoods woman Tracy Ann Thomson, 40, has also been charged with accessory to murder for her alleged role in bringing Mr Sikorsky to the unit. Mr Geiger's case is expected to be transferred to Beenleigh.