A Bowen man was found with more than 400g of marijuana in his house. Photo: File
A Bowen man was found with more than 400g of marijuana in his house. Photo: File

Former teacher busted with 425g of weed in Bowen

A FORMER teacher has been busted with 425g of marijuana scattered around his home and now has a jail sentence hanging over his head.

Andrew James Beck appeared in Bowen Magistrates Court to plead guilty to multiple drugs charges, including producing and possessing dangerous drugs.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Emma Myors told the court police searched the Bowen man's property in August and upon arrival officers found a two-metre "well-manicured" marijuana plant.

Sgt Myors said Beck admitted to growing the plant from seed a few weeks earlier and it was for his personal use.

The court heard various other amounts of marijuana around the home totalling about 425g, including in a small drying room, near the computer and on his boat, as well as 14 used water pipes.


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Sgt Myors said Beck had been sentenced to probation previously for similar offences.

"His offending has now escalated and a period of prison is now within range," she said.

Lawyer Peta Vernon said Beck, 50, worked as a teacher with disabled children for almost two decades but suffered from epilepsy and ADHD.

He lost the job after he started having seizures at work, she said.

Ms Vernon said Beck used marijuana to help his epilepsy and ADHD, and while he used to buy the drug from "untoward people", he had recently started to grow his own for personal use.

She said the weight of the drug police found included twigs and branches.

Magistrate James Morton said Beck had been given fines and probation in the past, but it was time to move to the "next step".

"Your criminal history is not of a great concern but it's growing," Mr Morton said.

"If you want to use cannabis for medicinal purposes, you can sign up for the medicinal cannabis program."

Beck was sentenced to two months' jail, which was immediately suspended for a year.

"Be mindful of your conduct now, sir," Mr Morton said.