LAUGHTER echoes throughout the office at Granville State School as four of the region's finest teachers gather together on the last day of school for the year.

Tired but happy, kept busy by the last remaining kids and cleaning their classrooms ahead of the school holidays, the four reflected on how much they enjoy their profession.

Lisa Mahinney, Marita Rapley, Marg Dean and Steph Hall all agree wholeheartedly.

They love teaching kids and encouraging the next generation to grow and develop their skills.

"We love it," Marg said.

"We wouldn't be here otherwise," Lisa added.

When told they had been nominated among the region's best teachers on a post on the Chronicle's Facebook page, they each agreed that it's lovely to hear they are appreciated for the work they do.

"We are awesome, aren't we," Marg jokes.

Lisa said seeing children learn new things was the best part of her work.

"The 'ah ha' moments are the best," she said.

While they love their jobs, the four women said it was exciting to be getting a break over the Christmas and New Year period.

"We love it but we need a break," Marita said.

Marita is on her way to New Zealand for a holiday while Marg intends to head to Sydney during her holidays.

The kids - and teachers - will head back to school on January 22.