FQ revisits Pride, no change to Wide Bay's NPL plans

THERE has been no discussion about changing the composition of Football Queensland's inaugural Women's National Premier League.

Wide Bay Buccaneers are one of 14 teams included in the new-look competition, which will start next year.

The Buccaneers' place was publicly challenged by Northern Fury FC last week, when a Facebook post questioned Wide Bay's women's football credentials.

Western Pride, based in Ipswich, has been the most vocal and active overlooked club.

Wide Bay nominates its QPL home ground

Football Queensland Wide Bay's Peter Guest was shocked by the Pride's omission from the NPL's inaugural season, and Pride general manager Pat Boyle immediately began its appeals process.

In a release published late Thursday, representatives from Football Queensland, Western Pride and Ipswich City Council met to consider new information.

Ipswich City Council's revelation of a multi-million dollar sports facilities development at Springfield Central, as well as the Pride's existing Briggs Rd headquarters, has potential to make a "long-lasting impact on women's football".


The logo for Wide Bay Buccaneers, Football Queensland Wide Bay's proposed Queensland Premier League team.
The logo for Wide Bay Buccaneers, Football Queensland Wide Bay's proposed Queensland Premier League team. Contributed

The project, which includes eight tennis courts, 16 netball courts, eight rectangular fields, four ovals, an athletics track, three club houses and 600 car parks, is expected to be completed by November, 2018.

The statement says FQ was able to "substantiate the validity of the project and has agreed to work collaboratively with Western Pride to further consider the application".

"While I stand by the decision made by the selection panel, we are always willing to listen to our clubs, particularly given the significance of this new development," Foster said.

"The information that came to light is substantial and therefore worthy of special consideration.

"The information could not be made public until Ipswich City Council had finalised the scope, designs and costs with developers and contractors, and therefore could not be included in the PS4 NPL Women's Queensland application."

What you should know about Wide Bay's newest club

Boyle said he and his club welcomed opportunity to "make further representation to FQ".

"We were unable to present this information at the time of submission due to commercial sensitivities, and we now look forward to sharing the full extent of our plans with FQ," Boyle said.

There has not been any discussion about the NPL's composition, meaning Wide Bay's place in the competition is currently safe.