Maryborough's Rebecca Cotton has told of her visit to Mexico, where she fell down a flight of stairs and broke her face in four places.
Maryborough's Rebecca Cotton has told of her visit to Mexico, where she fell down a flight of stairs and broke her face in four places. Contributed

Fractured face hasn't stopped M'boro woman's love of travel

SHE fractured her face in four places after falling down a flight of stairs in Mexico.

But Maryborough's Rebecca Cotton says that hasn't stopped her from wanting to continue her adventures overseas.

Her story has been shared in the book Abroad, Broke and Busted: Travellers' Tales from Around the World which was compiled and edited by Matt Towner.

Speaking to Kelly Higgins-Devine for ABC's Afternoons program, Ms Cotton said she was just as passionate about seeing the world now after her painful injuries, if not more so.

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Thailand claimed the most Australian lives with 212, while 124 were lost in the Philippines and 97 in Indonesia.

In total, 621 lives were lost overseas in the 12 month period.

Ms Cotton said she felt she had escaped two life-threatening experiences before the accident that ended her trip to Mexico.

The accident happened in December, 2015.

In the weeks before, Ms Cotton had been in Wyoming and while hiking came face to face with a bear and its cub.

She hadn't taken any bear spray with her and she was immediately afraid for her safety - however the bears did not react to her presence and she quickly left the area.

Then after travelling to Mexico, she found she had arrived a small surfing village just in time for the arrival of Hurricane Patricia, the second-most intense tropical cyclone on record.

"I spent the night quite relaxed with a bottle of tequila, on the brink of destruction," she said.

Fortunately the cyclone stayed out to sea.

"It was another near-miss that I survived."

Ms Cotton said she felt "tough" and like her trip was turning out pretty well after her two experiences.

Unfortunately, the worst was yet to come.

"It happened in the blink of an eye.

"I had a fall chin first down a set of stairs, down a ramp and broke my face in four places."

Ms Cotton was in the middle of no where with no hospital and dirt roads.

She was able to get a lift to a hospital over bumpy roads, with her jaw, which in addition to being broken was also dislocated, being bounced around during the journey.

Her partner then had to race back to the shanty where the two were staying to get proof of her travel insurance before the hospital would offer any treatment.

Then Ms Cotton had to fight to be allowed to return to Brisbane to get the fractures repaired.

She was in hospital in Mexico for 10 days before returning to Australia.