JARED Borghero says he's been "thrown up a few times" in his role as a bullfighter but never in such spectacular fashion as he was on Sunday night.

The 27-year-old was launched into the air by the bull Seek and Destroy at the Great Western Hotel's PBR Rockin Rocky event.


The bull rider turned rodeo clown had moved in to attract the attention of the hulking beast after it had bucked off Budd Williamson in the opening round of the program.

"He was coming back towards Budd and I went through to take him away," Jared yesterday recalled of the incident.

"I thought I would get through but I tripped on Budd's arm, which made it look a little bit worse, and I fell towards the bull.

"It might have been a bit too much Christmas pudding but I was a fraction slow and he gave me a little help along the way.

"I got a free ride in the air but I was able to finish the night off. I got straight back up and straight back into it.

"The point of the horn never got me, he just flicked me up with his head."


Two-time national champ Jared Borghero will line-up in the open bull ride at Saturday's Round Two of the Top Gun Series.

Photo Jenna Johnstone / Morning Bulletin
Jared Borghero has experienced the ultimate adrenalin rush as both bull rider and bullfighter. Jenna Johnstone ROK120215jrodeo1

Jared said incidents like his on Sunday were just part of the sport and did not happen that often.

"It's not something you can rehearse, you've just got to react," he said.

"I didn't really have time to think about it. I knew I was in the air and I was just worried about getting a good landing.

"We all wear protective gear and that takes away a lot of the impact so we are able to walk away from those sorts of things.

"I was right and the rider was right and the bull had his fun so it was a good result all round."

Jared has experienced the ultimate adrenalin rush as both bull rider and bullfighter and said he loved them both equally.

He paid tribute to Clint Kelly, his fellow bullfighter on the night with whom he's enjoyed success for the past three years.

"Bullfighting is a team thing. I realise it could have been worse if it wasn't for Clint," Jared said.

"Without him there it could have been a different story. He was the hero at the end, not me.

"Anyway, I'm all good and it was a great show and a great night."