Fraser Coast city 'could face nuclear disaster', MP says

THE LNP's push to explore nuclear power is "opening the door to a Fukushima-style disaster right here in Maryborough," according to the city's state MP.

This week Bruce Saunders called on Hinkler MP Keith Pitt to "come clean" on the LNP's plan for a nuclear-powered Wide Bay.

But Mr Pitt hit back at Mr Saunders, accusing him of running a scare campaign.

"Mr Pitt - the man behind it all - owes it to our community to declare where he sits in the widening rift that is LNP energy policy," Mr Saunders said.

"Angus Taylor has said he's more than willing to consider nuclear, opening the door to a Fukushima-style disaster right here in Maryborough."

Mr Saunders congratulated Shadow Energy spokesman Michael Hart for supporting the State Government's renewable energy policy over the the exploration of nuclear energy.

"When Michael Hart is the voice of reason, you know things are in a bad state," Mr Saunders said.

"The question now is will Mr Hart have enough influence over his state LNP colleagues to convince them to stand up Canberra over their half-baked nuclear power plan?

"Or will he be ostracised and disendorsed as the LNP's candidate for Burleigh at next year's election?"

Mr Pitt accused Mr Saunders of making "outrageous claims".

"Instead of contributing to an intelligent debate however, Mr Saunders has chosen to run a scare campaign," Mr Pitt said.

"The Nuclear Energy Enquiry is giving every Australian the opportunity to have a say on future power.

"We need to investigate all options to ensure we have affordable and reliable power to run households, to support farmers and businesses that create jobs and economic opportunities in this country.

"Mr Saunders is calling for me to declare where I stand on the nuclear issue.

"If he doesn't know my position on providing cheaper and more reliable power for all Queenslanders, he must be living under a rock.

"I want cheaper power prices not cheap political point-scoring from Mr Saunders.

"Just this week we saw the reports that his State Labor Government has stolen $1.5 billion from Queenslanders who pay their power bills to prop up the State Government's budget bottom line.

"Mr Saunders needs to focus on the facts."