UPDATE: Dob in an illegal dumper

UPDATE 10AM: ELI Creek, Churchill Mines Rd and the bushland at the end of Bryant St in Maryborough have been highlighted as illegal rubbish 'hotspots' by the Fraser Coast Regional Council.

The council spends $150,000 a year cleaning up filth that has been illegally dumped; including mattresses, furniture, white goods and builders wasta.

Council CEO Lisa Desmond said the most unusual find was a fibreglass speedboat mould.

To tackle the issue of illegal rubbish dumping, the council is now encouraging peole to dob in dumpers through their website.

To dob in an illegal dumper, go to http://www.frasercoast.qld.gov.au/illegal-dumping.

EARLIER: WITH illegal dumping costing Fraser Coast rate payers $150,000 every year, Keep Australia Beautiful (KAB) is calling for tougher fines for illegal dumping and monitoring of dumping hot spots.

According to the KAB National Litter Index, the volume of illegal dumping has doubled in Queensland compared to the previous year.

Keep Australia Beautiful CEO Philip Robinson said this amount of waste wasn't good enough.

"Local governments managed 14,500 tonnes of litter and waste in 2012-13 at a cost of over 10 million dollars, money that could be better spent on services for rate payers," Mr Robinson said.

"We need to take serious action against illegal dumping right across the State."

He said the money spend on cleaning up after litterbugs could be spent on more positive projects.

"Donating unwanted goods to charity is a great alternative to throwing them away, but you're not helping anyone by turning charity bins into dumpsites," he said.

 "Donate to charity shops during opening hours. This will ensure large items which do not fit in charity bins can be taken on the spot and not left out to be damaged by weather or vandals."

Fraser Coast Regional Council CEO Lisa Desmond said the money used to clean up illegal dumping could be better invested in facilities and infrastructure across the region.

"In many instances the items illegally dumped are recyclable and could be left at the landfill and transfer stations for free," Ms Desmond said.

"If people sort their loads to separate the recyclable materials for easy unloading and they make up more than 50 percent of the load they generally do not pay to use the landfill or transfer station."

To dob in an illegal dumper, go to kab.org.au/dob-in-a-litterer or report-littering-dumping.ehp.qld.gov.au.