Fraser Coast hospitals off ramping hit list

BOTH our emergency departments have avoided being named as ramping hotspots.

The State Opposition released a list of 15 hospitals identified as the worst for ramping wait times.

Ramping has been an ongoing problem for Hervey Bay Hospital due to the need for additional emergency department capacity.

With a new emergency department now open at the hospital, waiting times and the need for ramping, were expected to be further reduced.

The new department has doubled the number of emergency beds available in the Bay.

In January there was an 11 per cent increase in people presenting to emergency departments across the Wide Bay region.

Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service chief executive Adrian Pennington said 100 per cent of those in the most urgent category had been seen within recommended waiting times, while 86 per cent of category 2 patients had been seen within recommended times across the region.

"In category 2 this is particularly impressive, as there has been a significant 16 per cent increase in the number of these patients, who have complex conditions, presenting at our departments," he said.

At Hervey Bay Hospital in January, 80 per cent of patients across the five categories, ranging from least to most serious, were seen within clinically recommended times.

At Maryborough Hospital last month, 84 per cent of patients were seen within clinically recommended times.

The Opposition defined ramping as the number of patients not taken off an ambulance stretcher within 30 minutes of arriving at a hospital.

State-wide, 24 per cent of patients remained on a stretcher longer than half-an-hour.

Logan Hospital was the worst in Queensland, with 40 per cent of patients remaining on a stretcher longer than 30 minutes.