Drivers reveal horror stories from the Bruce Highway

FROM being tailgated to a close call with a semi-trailer and everything in between, Fraser Coast travellers share their horror encounters on the Bruce Highway. 

Lisa Duthie's son had a close call recently with a semi overtaking her as the overtaking lane was coming to an end into Maryborough. 

Peter Dore said twice in two days he experienced trucks passing him dangerously over double lines while he was towing a van and travelling at 95kph on both occasions. 

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Peter said in the first case traffic was coming in the opposite direction and the truck driver failed to back off.

"I had to break hard and keep left..that was so very close," he said.

Constable Mark Straker from the Maryborough Police Station with a speed gun on the Bruce Highway. Photo: Robyne Cuerel / Fraser Coast Chronicle
Constable Mark Straker from the Maryborough Police Station with a speed gun on the Bruce Highway. Photo: Robyne Cuerel / Fraser Coast Chronicle Robyne Cuerel

Peter, who put in a police report and now has a dash cam, said he hasn't witnessed any further incidents. 

"A few months later we took off circumnavigating the continent, travelling 30,000 kms and every single truckie we came across was professional and safe.

"Road train drivers were great on the radio and their driving was spot on. We had no issues that trip.... thanks truckies. It's great to see safe and patient drivers. But.... the Bruce Highway needs people with patience in all vehicles," he said. 

As the wife of a truck driver Zjena Jakab says she's seen drivers of cars showing stupidity on the Bruce Highway. 

"Everyone needs to go for a drive with a truckie so they can see what its like for them," she said.

"Caravaners are the worst offenders and have cause my husband to have two accidents."

She said if it wasn't for dash cams she doesn't know who the police would believe. 

Jo Raye has been in a couple of scary incidents involving tail-gating trucks.

"A good ten years ago when on the highway a huge double trailer semi was tailgating me so dangerously - it was in a huge thunderstorm, pouring down rain, and as it was I could hardly see the road in front of me, and no safe place to pull over," Jo said.

She ended up pulling over and staying the night in Port Macquarie.

The Bruce Highway during peak hour traffic Erle Levey

Jo said as a regular highway traveller generally she didn't have any problems with truck drivers. 

Lyndal Roos drives a car and horse float and she thinks there are more idiots in cars than trucks.

"I have a two way and call the truckies up if need be," she said.

"I also don't pull out in front of them like some drivers seem to do."

"I would like to see all car drivers spend a day in a loaded vehicle - they might respect the traffic a bit more," she said. 

Mary-Ellen Flick said her son who is on his L plates was tailgated by a truck driver through roadworks on the weekend.

"On overtaking lanes sat beside us and made us almost stop on the highway," she said.

Mary-Ellen said her husband reported it to police and the truck company involved.

Chris Anderson believes there are twice as many intimidating drivers of cars than trucks on the highway. 

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